World Internet Senet Championships 2012

Welcome to the World Internet Senet Championships

Final played on 27th April 2012

Paul Freeman 13-10 Siv Pedersen

Congratualtions to Paul, the new
World Internet Senet Champion.

Semi-finals played 25th April 2012 


Paul Freeman  10-6  Thorbjørn Ovesen

Siv Pedersen  10-7  Katrina Lawrence

Both matches are the best of 19 (first to 10)

19th April 2012

The results are in for Round 1 

Congratulations to the winners

Dmitrii Yakovlev  5-1  Athanasios Sanna

Sam Walker  3-5  Włodzisław Król

Paul Freeman  5-0  Anne Waters

Mitsuko Inoue  5-3 Ulvi Albaf    

Voldemārs Ozolinsh  0-5  Daisuke Saito

Heike Hafner  3-5  Thorbjørn Ovesen

Abel Mandelbaum  5-3  Rebekka Janssen

Petrus Bocker 1-5  Jeremy Bryant

Isaac Matos  5-2  Christopher Morales

Kalyana Sabharwal  2-5   Siv Pedersen

Jimeno Urbina  5-4  Amélie LaPadite

Celeste Ardiccioni  5-3  Natasha Daniel

Huw Pryce  5-0  Lauren Fox 

Yoshirou Sato  5-3  Andrius Simonis

Scott Moore  0-5  Katrina Lawrence

Shi Hê  2-5  Austen Janson

The draw for the Second round is as follows:

Matches to be played 20th to 22nd April 2012.

All matches are the best of 9.

Dmitrii Yakovlev  v  Włodzisław Król

Paul Freeman  v  Mitsuko Inoue

Daisuke Saito  v  Thorbjørn Ovesen

Abel Mandelbaum  v  Jeremy Bryant

Isaac Matos  v  Siv Pedersen 

Jimeno Urbina  v  Celeste Ardiccioni

Huw Pryce  v  Yoshirou Sato

Katrina Lawrence  v   Austen Janson

We now have 32 world class Senet players to join in the Olympics of the Senet scene.

We are proud to announce the first annual World Internet Senet Championships. All our players are masters of the world's oldest board game.

First round matches will be played between 16th and 19th April 2012. The Second round will be played between 20th and 22nd April 2012. The format is a simple knockout tournament starting with 32 of the best players from all parts of the globe.

Keep checking back to see how the tournament is progressing.

Contact us here.

How the Tournament works

All games will be played live in a private tournament room on the internet. The two players will be joined by an independent adjudicator who will act as scorer and throw the sticks. Matches in the first round will be the best of 9 (i.e., the first player to 5), later rounds the best of 15, 19 and 25 in the final. At the end of the match, the winner will proceed to the next round and the Tournament Adminstrator will be informed of the result by the adjudicator. The Administrator will then put together the draw for the next round and the winners will be contacted.

All results will be published on this site.


There is no entry fee and the winner will receive no renumeration. But the lucky winner will be able, of course, to call him or herself the World Internet Senet Champion!

Full rules can be sent by e-mail to any interested party.

The draw for this year's competition is on the 'draw' page.

22nd April 2012. 

The results are in for the Second Round 

Dmitrii Yakovlev  3-5  Włodzisław Król

Paul Freeman  5-2  Mitsuko Inoue

Daisuke Saito  2-5  Thorbjørn Ovesen

Abel Mandelbaum  1-5  Jeremy Bryant

Isaac Matos  3-5  Siv Pedersen 

Jimeno Urbina  1-5  Celeste Ardiccioni

Huw Pryce  5-2  Yoshirou Sato

Katrina Lawrence  5-1   Austen Janson 

Congratulations to all the winners.

This is the draw for the Quarter Finals:

Matches in this round are best of 15 (first to 8)

Włodzisław Król v  Paul Freeman

Thorbjørn Ovesen v  Jeremy Bryant

Siv Pedersen  v  Celeste Ardiccioni

Huw Pryce  v  Katrina Lawrence

Matches to be played 23rd and 24th April

Results in for the Quarter Finals (24th April 2012)

Włodzisław Król 5-8  Paul Freeman

Thorbjørn Ovesen 8-4  Jeremy Bryant

Siv Pedersen  8-6  Celeste Ardiccioni

Huw Pryce  5-8  Katrina Lawrence


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